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Refurbished Spitfire 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter (Silver) for Sale

Refurbished Spitfire 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter (Silver) for Sale

  • 75000
  • Save $800

Take your Spitfire 3-Wheel mobility scooter anywhere you want to go with its simple disassembly feature. Just remove the seat, front basket, then pull up on the quick release handle and the scooter’s body separates into 2 sections - perfect for loading in your car, truck or van. The sections even have built-in carrying handles!

The Spitfire also comes with a delta tiller, which allows operation with one hand, making it more suitable for hemiplegic stroke patients. 

The Spitfire 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is currently retailing at $1,550.

Condition: In excellent condition which is almost as good as brand new! Tyres almost brand new and installed with new batteries.

Reason for Sale: Customer traded-in for a new scooter.






Drive Medical

Maximum Range

20 km

Weight Capacity

136 kg

Base Weight (Without Battery)

27 kg

Battery Weight

13 kg

Seat Weight

8 kg

Total Weight

48 kg


20AH / 12V x 2


2A Off Board

Front Wheel

7.5" x 2" Flat-Free

Rear Wheel

8.5" x 3" Flat-Free

Max Speed

6.4 km/h




6 months (carry-in only) on batteries.


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